Here you find the price list for erotic shootings in Munich

Please note! Video Productions have to be calculated separately due to a different work load

Individual bundles are possible.

Bundle 1

5 Pictures


*All prices are incl. VAT | Optional costs possible

Bundle 2

7 Pictures


*All prices are incl. VAT | Optional costs possible

Bundle 3

10 Pictures


*All prices are incl. VAT | Optional costs possible


FAQ english

Besides your chosen outfits it is recommended to bring a bathrobe with you. This gives you a chance to cover during shooting breaks.
Of course, you are allowed to come together with a person of trust. But please make sure your companion does not interrupt during the shoot.
I edit all the pictures by myself! I will never give your pictures away to a third person! I take your privacy very seriously.
Yes! However, these are only available at a surcharge (per image) as they represent an enormous amount of work (several hours per image).
No! Pictures of an erotic shoot will only be uploaded to my website with the customer's explicit permission! However, I am very happy if i get your permission because it helps to give future customers an insight into my work as an erotic and art nude photographer.
No! The time you spent with the makeup artist, will not be taken away from your shooting time.
I only accept shooting requests from people, which are at least 18 years of age. I ask for understanding, that I will decline production request from persons under 18 years of age.
Yes you can pay with credit card (visa, master, American express) and EC card.