High end setup service for cam girls

You want to start a webcam business?

If you are just about to start a webcam business as a cam girl and you don´t know where and how to start, and want to go the professional way, then this page is for you!

I offer professional on-site support for cam girls.
Basic services I offer:

  • Hardware setup (Computers, Cameras)
  • Software Setup (e.g preparing everything for streaming)
  • Setting up your home studio (light setup)
  • Multi-cam setup
  • Configuration of your streaming software
  • Buying advice (webcams, computers, internet connection, displays)
  • Technical support (in case of technical problems, I will assist you )

Can you technically assist me during my first show?

Yes if you wish, i can offer you to stay on location during your first show and help you with all your technical questions. Since i am usually an erotic photo- and video producer i am used to situations like this.

Why a setup service?

Because quality is key!
Yes even in something that sounds as simple as doing a cam show usually the models with the highest quality stream and the most interesting program are the most successful ones.
I know, there are websites from active cam girls claiming, you don´t need a good webcam and should just start out. BUT! don´t forget these girls are your competitors!
And most of the girls writing these websites, of course, have high-quality setups, cause they know that low-quality video is a bottleneck.

Especially for beginners and persons without a technical background, it can be hard to start right into business.

Sure your could go to a big tech store and simply buy what you are tolled to buy, but in 9 out of 10 cases, you will be tolled to buy the most expensive tech stuff and not the most efficient things.

Yes, high quality has its price, but not everything that is pricy also means it is high quality. And after shopping some people will be super frustrated, cause nothing works as they wanted it to work.

That´s where my service enters the game. I have plenty of experience in setting up studios and lifestreaming setups.
If you book me, we will plan everything into detail and execute the whole process together, always keeping your budget in mind.

We will take a look at what your plans are, on which sites you want to stream, what the optimal video quality for these websites is, which equipment you already have and what you will need to buy to be future proof.
After planning I will prepare a shopping list for you, containing everything you will need to start a successful business. As soon as you received all the equipment I will help you setting everything up.
in case there is any further problem you can call me and I will assist you, remote or if necessary on location.

Now let me help you make your webcam business a success.

Yor are on a hurry? You need to start quickly?

No problem, i offer a „fast service“ option. Means we will meet as soon as possible and go shopping your gear together in local stores. Usually if everything turns out well you can start within 48hours.

If you want to take advantage of my service to start your business without technical issues, simply send me a mail by using the form.

    please check if your mail address is correct! i can not contact you if the address is wrong!